Young Guns; The finale.

As the sun rose above the TET turf and yesterdays wind was non-existent tournament play was set to be a scorcher. Of the ten teams that played in this weeks Lightening Fives tournament the Young Guns ended up in eighth, defying all odds and not coming last.

The Young Guns in action. Photos; Telina Barrett.

Because Ethan Lehman arrived with about three minutes until their first game (against Te-Kiri) started Devon Darlow was elected goal keep and played for their first two games, adding strength to the defense and playing better then first time goalies that ran a marathon the day before should be able to.

Giving their supporters something to cheer for the match against Te-kiri ended with four goals scored by Ethan Lehman (2) Eli Hill and Jonathan Abplanalp. To the Te-kiri’s three. This was followed by a semi-final game against  which ended in a defeat (sadly.)

Young guns ended the day with a game against the Masters, in which Ethan got his wish and was allowed to go goalie. Sweating it out, young guns failed to capitalize on two penalty shoots one on one with the goalie but defended well and created great space up front.

When the full time hooter blew the Young Guns were exhausted but happy. They ended up in eighth place and had chilled orange juice to celebrate.



Goalie Ethan Lehman sends the ball flying.


Joe Hill challenges a Master.


Lehman on Patrol.


The Young Guns.

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