Young guns strike back.

The Lightening Fives were once again held from the 4th to 5th of March at Stratford’s TET turf and who was there to defend their spirit award once again?



The Young Guns were. After a fierce day in which they lost every single game and remarkably scored two goals team captain Jonathan Abplanalp tried to rouse the teams spirits by saying; “I don’t want to be captain; I don’t want to take responsibility for the loss.” His dream is to reclaim the wooden spoon. (Last place).

They expect to pick up their performance tomorrow and are making a risky decision in putting Ethan Lehman (The guy who scored their two goals) into the goalie position. They hope his intense hand-eye coordination will stop those sneaky hockey balls finding their way into the goal. As for actually scoring the buggers, they expect Devon Darlow who ran a marathon the day before to turn up and play like a pro.

For pictures and to find out how they went read tomorrows edition of The Taranaki thing.


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