The Begining.

In the beginning, there was an idea. The idea was to have fun writing articles for  other people and maybe if the person who had the idea got lucky a bit of cash too. Unfortunately all the good articles required actual experience in the journalism field and all the bad ones were on real-estate.

I hate real-estate.

So the idea was abandoned and sat in the dust along with all of the other brilliant ideas I’ve ever had. It dried up, shriveled and almost got eaten by an offer of paid articles on real estate.

And then along came WordPress.

I’m writing my first article right now; it’s fricking fun, I don’t need pictures of 27 Lemon st and if you hate my style of writing then too bad! I don’t get paid for this.

And that my amigos is a letter of introduction from me to you. I hope you stick around. I hope you read my  articles and I hope we can have a liddle fun together. My plan for this website is basically based on my plan for life; write stuff and leave the rest to the guy upstairs.

If it happens it will; if it doesn’t, at least it was a meaningful attempt at something. 

Let’s kick this off in style.


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